Kajsa Balto is an indigenous Sami musician raised in Oslo, a background that has defined her as an artist facing Sami traditional music. When Kajsa Balto released her first single "Vári Alde" in 2016, she quickly made her mark with her Sami and yoik-inspired version of the old Norwgian folk song "Oppå fjellet". A musical process based on her own identity led to the release of her first album "Sámi sohka" in 2017. The result was new arrangements of yoiks and folk songs, where she sang in both Northern-Sami and Norwegian language. 

Kajsa is currently working on new material for her second album. She collects yoiks from within her own family, and writes new music based on traditions from Kárásjohka. Kajsa´s strong vocal performances and heartfelt messages has created a musical platform touching a wide range of listeners. Together with her musicians, she creates magical sound images where indigenous power and modernity meet. 

➸ Kajsa Balto - Vocals, keys 

➸ Ragnhild Tronsmo Haugland - Cello

➸ Karoline Bjørhei - Drums

➸ David Aleksander Sjølie - Guitar

LIVE 2019


Oslo, Norway

14-17 November 2019


Näsåker, Sweden

3 August 2019

Beskán Luossa Rock

Kárášjohka, Norway

5-6 July 2019

Nordischer Klang

Greifswald, Germany

7 May 2019

Samisk festkonsert

Riksscenen, Oslo

2 February 2019



Kajsa Balto - Sámi Sohka

Release date 25.09.2017

Kajsa Balto - vocals, piano
Ragnhild Tronsmo Haugland - cello
Karoline Bjørhei - percussion
Gaute Andersen - guitar

Cover design: Inga-Wiktoria Påve
Producer: Ragnhild Tronsmo Haugland, Ombra Sounds, Opera Omnia Records

Generously supported by Sámediggi - Sametinget



+47 976 23 821